Craig Robson (leader)

Jan-Joost Bouwman

Johan Claesen

Simon Colenutt

Ted Drogendijk

Gerard Francis

Paul Gregory

Peter Marsh

My very brief time in Texas was followed by a classic “Colorado Chicken Run”. I joined a Birdquest trip from 30 March to 11 April 2022 lead by Craig Robson. The trip took us through the spectacular scenery of the Western Colorado mountains as well as the flat, but fascinating, prairie countryside of Eastern Colorado and Kansas. We were successful in seeing all of the available Grouse and Rosy Finch. Click on this link to read Craig’s report on the trip.

Unfortunately a blizzard precluded any possibility of looking for Owls around Walden. We were a bit early for Cassin’s Sparrow and Lark Bunting on their northerly migration and thus missed them.

The new species seen on this trip were :-

  • Sage Grouse
© Simon Colenutt
  • Gunnison Grouse
  • Sharp-tailed Grouse
© Simon Colenutt
  • Greater Prairie Chicken
© Simon Colenutt
  • Lesser Prairie Chicken
© Simon Colenutt
  • White-tailed Ptarmigan
© Simon Colenutt
  • Mountain Plover
© Simon Colenutt
  • Grey-crowned Rosy Finch
© Simon Colenutt
  • Black Rosy Finch
© Simon Colenutt
  • Brown-capped Rosy Finch
© Simon Colenutt
  • Thick-billed Longspur