IOC Draft taxonomy revision 14.1

The IOC recently released a draft of Taxanomic revision 14.2 which elevated 45 sub-species to full species. This had the effect of giving me 14 “armchair ticks”. The new species added to my life list are Yellow-billed Egret, Plumed Egret, Northern Black-throated Trogon (this doesn’t count as a new species as I have not seen… Continue reading IOC Draft taxonomy revision 14.1

Birder’s carbon footprint

I have for some time been concerned about the carbon footprint I am leaving behind as a result of my birding. I have noted that Climate Change is not the only malign influence affecting the World. Biodiversity reduction is another affliction with which the world has to deal. Travelling overseas to less developed countries to… Continue reading Birder’s carbon footprint

6000 birds

On 17 August 2022 I saw a Gabela Akalat in the Kissama Forest of Angola. This was my 6000 th IOC bird and marks a milestone in the 7k by 80 project. – Only a thousand birds to go!

Completion of Families

I completed sightings of all of the then current IOC bird families in 2019. I had not completed the Clements families as I had not seen what they then called Crested Jay. In the meantime IOC has recognised this bird as a new family under the name Crested Jayshrike. On my recent visit to Sarawak… Continue reading Completion of Families