Josh Bergmark (leader)

Dr Paul Brubaker

Peter Marsh

Mary Roefs

Doug Ruby

Stuart Thomson

Jak Vanichanan

Steve Webb

Hawaiian group in birding mode

I joined a Birdquest trip to Hawaii well lead by my good friend Josh Bergmark. The trip ran from 15 to 25 March 2022. This proved to be a bit early in the year as a number of seabirds that I had hoped to see had not returned from migration.

It was quite shocking to find how rare the remaining endemic birds of Hawaii are. We are used to hearing of the extinctions that have happened already. The efforts that we had to make to see Akikiki and Palila for example suggest to me that these birds will be extinct within a very few years despite the conservation efforts that are being made. Our inability to find Akekee on Kauai despite diligent searching sends the same message.

Josh Bergmark photographing Black Noddy at Shipman Beach, Hawaii

Click on this link to see the Birdquest report for this trip.

New birds seen on the trip were :

  • Nene
© Jakapat Vanichanan
  • Hawaiian Duck
© Jakapat Vanichanan
  • Black Francolin
  • Hawaiian Coot
  • Bristle-thighed Curlew
© Jakapat Vanichanan
  • Hawaiian Petrel
  • Hawaiian Hawk
  • Kauai Elepaio
  • Oahu Elepaio
  • Hawaii Elepaio
© Jakapat Vanichanan
  • Red-masked Parakeet
  • Rosy-faced Lovebird
  • Puaiohi
  • Omao
  • Maui Aluahio
  • Akikiki
  • Palila
© Jakapat Vanichanan
  • Iiwi
© Jakapat Vanichanan
  • Apapane
© Jakapat Vanichanan
  • Akiapolaau
© Jakapat Vanichanan
  • Anianiau
  • Hawaii Creeper
  • Hawaii Akepa
  • Hawaii Amakihi
© Jakapat Vanichanan
  • Oahu Amakihi
  • Kauai Amakihi
  • Yellow-billed Cardinal